Thursday, July 16, 2009

"We pray for those who are sick in both body and spirit..." --Padre Pio

Occasionally I venture out into a world that is so terribly sick and twisted that it makes me fear for the human race. That world is In the forum section you will find the most hateful, ignorant and arrogant people who, in my opinion, consume too many of the Earth's valuable resources. I was flirting with the Devil this morning when I hit paydirt on my first try with this post below by "Young_Republican":

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To all of you anti-war freaks

First of all isnt war what brought our country together. And think about it. As Albert Einstein said, "As long as there is man, there shall be war." The Iraq war was needed.You have to remember that terrorists attacked NY. Now i dont want to here all this theroys that th war was for oil or anything like that. Back in 1941 The Jappenese attacked the US and we went to war. If these terrorists were in lets say india. We would be fighting in india. But they came from Iraq so were in Iraq (now out, or in military bases) People dieing in any war is bad. But look at this. Only 7000 deaths of US troops. In what a.... 8 years. 7 years... In 1 day in our countrys past war. Over 10,000 americans died. D-Day, Iwo Jima, Gettysburgh, Market Garden. Our troops fight for us, to keep us safe. And Some people call all there hard work pointless. Wow just wow.

Yes, you just read that and no, I didn't make it up. I wouldn't know where to begin when trying to address this. This post, however illogical, nonsensical and completely devoid of rational thought, is a fairly common representation of the majority of current right-wing thought in America. The person who vomited this organic ignorance is an authentic and original product of Fox News. I've blogged about this before. By all appearances it would seem that I am obsessed with this type of individual. It's like visiting a haunted hotel where I continually go there to catch a glimpse of the legendary ghost.

This person was born out of the Fox News Crusade to demonize educated people. Educated people tend to be truth-seekers. Fox News wants truth-seekers like Sean Hannity wants to march in the San Francisco Gay Parade. But there may be more to this than Fox News simply trying to turn education into a disease.

Questioning the war in Iraq has always been prohibited on Should you question ANYTHING about the war in Iraq it will almost certainly get you banned by one of Hannity's disciples (moderators). This is a place where the surreal is real and the real is surreal, where facts are "biased" and where members gather around a bonfire of absolutely fantastic lies, warming their hands, singing songs and drinking the same hot cocoa kool-aid while chanting, "Freedom ain't free".

I was a member on the forums until I was banned in 2007. During that brief sojourn of living on the darkside I discovered this demographic which I had completely underestimated in size and in depth of ignorance. I would have thought by now, given that nearly all Republican officials agree that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and that Iraq DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction, that this movement would have lost some of its momentum. Sadly, I was wrong.

As I've written before, these individuals are so full of fear and shame that if they were to be enlightened it would be an emotionally crippling experience. Fox News has given their ego what it needs to stay alive and healthy: an identity. If this type of individual were to detach from their ego and that relative identity that it holds in its tight grasp, their ego would suffer a horrible death.

I can only conclude that this type of individual lives entirely on ego which is fueled by this identity that it must hate everything that Fox News propagandizes as evil. This individual has relinquished all logic and deferred all decision-making properties to its ego. And by doing so in such a collective manner in such a large community, their ego has a much higher probability of survival because it is constantly validated by others who are just as spiritually sick. In short, should one of these sheep stray from the flock it risks losing not only the identity for the ego but those fellow sheep who keep the identity strong. If such a person were to lose this community and the identity that feeds the ego, the ego then becomes vulnerable. The ego then becomes susceptible to actual reality in the present moment.

A moment in which we know that Iraq was and is not our enemy, a moment in which homosexuals are above all human beings and a moment in which a Puerto Rican woman CAN use the expression "wise latina" AND be taken seriously.

Updated Fox News Enemy List: education, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Barack Obama's birth certificate, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, polar bears, moose, proper English, Europe (Vatican City not included), Karl Marx, Cesar Chavez, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans (thanks Sonia!), humanities, art, children under the age of 18, minority children over the age of 6, health insurance for people who make less money than they do, Canadian health care system, Australian health care system, Islam, Muslim, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey (kind of), Yemen, Somalia, anything French, Earth, truth, facts, investigations, resigning from a job after a scandal, practicing Christian values, China, Russia, Putin, Stalin, Trotsky, Borat, Bruno, Jane Fonda, Phil Donahue, Patrick Duffy (not sure about this one, I'll double-check) Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Brittney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, equal rights, empowered minorities, "wise" minority people, the word "minority", journalism, secret documents that reveal secret programs no one knew about, the Constitution, the law, the word "tax" and any derivative of, Jimmy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Obama's children, Michelle Obama, whatever clothing Michelle Obama has on right this very second, anything "organic"...

Please feel free to add to this list.

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