Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rome was neither built nor conquered in one day...

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

---Martin Luther King Jr.
It's been a while since my last post. So much has happened over such a short amount of time. It's becoming increasingly evident that the right has truly kidnapped America and what she stands for. To speak out about America and to exhibit any trace of disappointment over the actions of our government is now classified as "hate speech"; that is, if you're black and living in America....

A great country rarely falls from foreign threats but rather from within. As Sinclair Lewis once wrote, "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."
Here are some reflections on recent events.

1. Reverend Jeremiah Wright = With the right-wing lemmings being so appalled at his sermons, which take place daily in thousands of churches from coast to coast, it would then be only logical to say that these same people are then VERY PROUD of the following "accomplishments" of that same government Reverend Wright criticized: torture, illegal war, declining benefits for veterans, ill-equipped soldiers, genocide of Native-Americans, genocide of African-Americans, enslavement of Africans, lynching of African-Americans, sexism, racism, discrimination, religious intolerance, attempted destruction of labor unions, Japanese internment camps, fire hoses and German shepherds on African-American citizens in Alabama, segregation, agent-provocateurs who incite riots during peaceful protests, the use of military aircraft to transport heroin from southeast Asia into the United States...and the list can go on until the next Microsoft program comes out.

Now, I'm one of the few, perhaps, who believe that there is a stark difference between my government and my country. America is synonymous with freedom and equality. America is the Constitution, not the government. When the president of this country takes his/her oath, it is not to "protect the American people" but rather "...solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
What the right-wing jackasses are playing on the radio is actually helping Reverend Wright. As they continue to play only sound bites and snippets of his entire sermon, Reverend Wright continually refers to "the Government" and not to "America". But you won't hear that unless you look for the entire sermon on the internet somewhere. When a black man criticizes America he's considered a hateful ingrate and a traitor; when a white man does it they call it anger peppered with wisdom and conservatism.

2. Hillary = The person inside her body is a right-wing nut job dressed in a business suit and armed with the most annoying laugh in the history of mankind. From wanting to annihilate Iran and wipe it off the map to employing fear tactics to claiming that since Obama had a pacifier until the age of 2 she is better suited to be president on Day One, this woman has made Karl Rove look like Mr. Rogers. Her arithmetic is so much of a twisting fantasy that you would need at least 3 hits of acid and 1 bag of shrooms to partially grasp the hint of possibility that she may win the nomination. The damage that she has done is immeasurable and was totally unnecessary. She has distracted Obama enough to let McCain go untouched for at least 8 weeks now. Surprisingly though, despite the negativity and adolescent attacks by Hillary, McCain has a mere 3 point lead over either Democrat. I can't wait to see Obama destroy McCain in a debate. Maybe "my friend" will get so fired up that the red face will beautifully contrast the white hair...the fist will start pumping and that mechanical arm will go all crazy and start flapping and can only hope.
Hillary's cult followers have now promised to vote for McCain over Obama should Obama get the nomination. Brilliant. Maybe that was the plan all along.
Her tactic is cunning. Attack mercilessly and childishly and when Barrack fires back then play the victim. This country still gets fired up when a black man speaks in a harsh tone to or about a white woman.

3. Rush Limbaugh= Definition: overweight, insecure megalomaniac drug-addict who encourages his lemming listeners to switch parties and vote for Hillary in the primary and then go to Denver and riot when Obama does not get the nomination.
There is no one on the radio who is more overtly racist, sexist and elitist than Rush Limbaugh. To so many who have removed the frontal lobe region of their brain, Rush (and Sean Hannity) is their source of reason. The right-wing lemmings have made Rush their cult leader. I mean, you'd have to call him that if he's encouraging people to go to Denver to riot in August and they are willing to get arrested to do it.
This is so tragic and this is part of the problem in America today; we rely on the media to interpret information that is so incredibly easy to comprehend. 9/11 took our breath away and the right-wing gave us an oxygen mask that pumped us full of fear gas. Some were able to wiggle out of the mask; others still have not and are now addicted and can't live without it.

4. Iran = If you want war bad enough, I'm sure it will happen. The Bush Crime Family has been itching to lob some missiles into Iran. McCain can't wait to bomb it and Hillary wants to obliterate it. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning in the next 30 days and see Breaking News where Iran "provoked a U.S. carrier" --most likely we parked a battleship on one of their beaches in Akhtar and then say, "They threatened us"---or "the U.S. intercepted communication". More war, more money, more death, more oil, more troops, more torture, more rape, more murder, more military contracts for Carlyle Group, Haliburton and Boeing, more coffins, more grief, $4 a gallon gas....and less safe than ever. And don't forget: we're supposed to be looking for Bin Laden.

I never thought I'd be living in America and writing these types of thoughts I just put forth.
9/11 didn't unite us; it divided us and the Bush Crime Family made sure of it. When will people stand up and say they've had enough? At the sake of expanding an empire we are on the verge of losing the republic...

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An Andrew Pentis Production said...

One thing I've noticed concerning this election and foreign relations is Hilary's stance that she wouldn't meet with leaders of powers we don't have good relationships (i.e. Iran).
Her and Obama have both said that the "Bush Crime Family" have strained our rapport abroad because of our elitest attitude.
Obama, meanwhile, has said he would see meet with other country's officials, becuase without communication (keep your enemies closer), how can we improve our outlook?
We are no longer the world's power, so why not embrace our role of peacemaker instead of instigator.
I can't put my finger on it, but Hilary somehow seems like more of the same, an elitist who would like to keep everything behind closed doors.
Obama may be idealistic, but his ideas (such as increasing government transparency by broadcasting government meetings/hearings) are at least different. His message is different. He is different. In a world where our nation no longer reigns supreme, don't we need "different?"