Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I wish I knew how to quit you..."

There's something about this photograph that gives me the chills.
It could be the placement of McCain's left hand or the senator's head buried in Bush's neck as a possible effort to smell the strong, sinister scent of that neocon cologne known as "Deception No. 9".

In any case, it's odd that you would find that kind of affection coming from a man who was swift-boated by Bush (Rove) in the 2000 election. McCain appeared to be on course to get the nomination and then ...((((ROAR)))) ...the Neocon lion awoke from his slumber and decimated his prey with a single, fierce blow. There were war plans to execute and nice guy McCain simply lacked the heart (morals, ethics, brains, conscience, soul) to do it. So now that nearly 8 LONG, damaging, divisive, deceptive, murderous, hateful years have passed, the "nice guy" is back and is closing in on a real opportunity to live in the White (Guy's) House for 4 or more years.

But not so fast, Sheriff! The neocons ain't havin' none of that "no torture, think first" kinda attitude 'round here.

McCain has been "waterboarded" by his own Republican (apologies to the man from Dixon, IL) party. I use "Republican" simply as an adjective to describe that political party which is not Democrat. Everyone knows that the Republican party has been hijacked by the neocons (Project for New American Century---William Kristol and the other fascist hobbits) and Jack Bauer is the only one who can save us (if only Kiefer Sutherland didn't get that last DUI and have to do jail time, we'd have been out of this mess a lot sooner). McCain was tortured as a POW in Vietnam. That is why he is against torture now (that will soon change).

The torture his own party has put him through is in the very early stages. His rhetoric has gotten significantly more aggressive; he's mentioned about being in Iraq for 100 + years, going to war with Iran, promising that there "will be more wars" (neocons had to smoke a cigarette after hearing that declaration) and basically underscoring that Bush's policies that have worked so incredibly well will remain in place to ensure the continued destruction of American principles.

McCain has become the "mascot/little brother/kid who will do anything to make friends/water boy" for the neocons. McCain knows he can't get elected without them and he's 71 and not likely to make another run (unless he is going to campaign between the hours of 4am and 4:30pm). At this point, everything is on the table for negotiation: more wars, increased torture, more revoking of civil liberties, ...did I mention more wars?

So what is McCain prepared to do? Well, get ready for the ultimate sell-out. Those who have followed the "Straight Talk Express" (funny name...I mean, what's the opposite? Gay Talk Express?) for many years have become accustomed to the senator's open-mindedness and thoughtful approach to politics. He's known for reaching across the aisle frequently and he's often gone against party lines in hard line issues like immigration.

But that will change now. Pay close attention and you will see McCain ratchet up the war threats, the fear-mongering and he may even let slip out which country will be the 2009 recipient of American democracy (Bombs Away!).

At least in 2000 the neocons got a gift from Texas in the form of a doltish, aphonic idiot who had the "audacity of arrogance" after running numerous businesses in the ground and setting the record for most executions under a governor (experience needed to become president...this is where Obama is lacking).

But in 2008 you will get the chance to watch the metamorphosis of a man who will trade his moral compass and his character for an agenda that is against America, her principles, her forefathers and her Constitution. An agenda that is potentially so catastrophically damaging to this country that many U.S. citizens are making preliminary plans to leave our country until the smart people start running things again.

I'm tired of being afraid and I want my Constitution back.

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy? ---Mahatma Gandhi, "Non-Violence in Peace and War"


An Andrew Pentis Production said...

We have already seen and will continue to see McCain pander to his party's extreme right.
First, he made fun of Bush's tax breaks, saying he couldn't think of any other time in our history that the federal government was offering tax-breaks during wartime. (I believe he called this ridiculuous.) Now, he's saying he would renew Bush's set-to-expire tax breaks (more money for Warren Buffet) AND stay in Iraq for 100 years.
This is obviously McCain's attempt to unite his party, not for the nomination (he's got that sewn up) but to win the general election against a Democrat who may split the traditionally-red south with him. McCain, no longer the maverick, needs to pander to beat Hilary/Barack. And he is right.

handmaiden said...

That is a fucking creepy picture!

I want the constitution back too.

Here is my take on this election cycle so far:
Our American style democracy as it was set up, requires citizen participation to work effectively. (This is why the civil rights movement was so affective, BTW. Don't thank the politicians for that) & that requires strong dissent. We don't necessarily want strong politicians, we want politicians that will bend to our collective will.

Perhaps this is the appeal of McCain to the Republican party? The republican idiots with their big strong 'God' talk might have shot themselves in the foot. ha ha!

Hillary seems a bit too substantial on the other side...maybe even a control freak. Obama appears much more malleable. He really does represent change, hope & even common ground.
He could be the sleeping giant.

Fin De Fichier said...

that neocon cologne known as "Deception No. 9".

Hilarious! LMAO!

The Federalist said...


I agree. Most polls show Obama AND Clinton both beating McCain: Obama by a larger margin.

It's really too bad. McCain is really not that bad of a choice. If he panders and makes promises, the neocons will hold his feet to the fire to make those promises a reality.

The Federalist said...


I agree with your take on Hillary. As far as the Christian right goes, I think their power is pale in comparison to that of the military industrial complex neocon faction. Although using God in the past has made a lot of money for a lot of people, the money that comes from defense contracts and the oil business is significantly more and usually endless (until someone is elected that stops the flow of it).

Lastly, watch the "F" bombs when posting comments. Use #$%^ if you have to...thanks!

handmaiden said...

opps! sorry :) I didn't mean to offend. I'll watch that.

Yes, I think you are right about where the the ultimate political power lays. The radical religious right particularly annoys me so I tend to maybe give them more credit then they are due.

The Federalist said...

No worries handmaiden. Although "F" bombs run through my head constantly when trying to debate or argue a point against the truth-avoiding, fear-mongering right wingers, I try to not to use profanity as it diminishes the value of my position.

But you're spot on: that picture is pretty friggin' creepy :-)

TMH256 said...

OMG. I am stunned by that photo. Your prose is thought-provoking, funny and insightful as always, my love.